The effect of the current economic crisis in my country has burdened the plight of the poor and average class. As we make a commitment of survival, it’s  important that we don’t loose our health conciousness.

Every Woman needs the right information on health and education that will put a lift and improve our lifestyle. I strongly believe that a healthy Nation starts with a healthy community of Women and Children. Let’s get our health right.

I have discovered a huge gap in online health content for African Women and Children. A lot of Babies suffer Jaundice resulting from malaria in pregnancy. The incidence of Cancer and Kidney failure has been alarming.

While our men are sorting out the home front,  we can learn how to adopt new healthy lifestyle and teach them, we can learn how to make delicious African delicacies that will nourish our children, we can learn how to keep our environment clean and healthy.

There are enormous benefits linked to healthy living. We are not just talking food, we are talking skin/wellness, fitness, and who says our modern day “Ndi Nne Kwenu!” must have bags of fat under her arms?.How about Elegant,healthy and bubbly fit at age 60?

I want to use this blog to help an average African woman adopt a healthy conciousness lifestyle. I want to use this medium to provide Knowledge on health and DIY tips for the African Woman. We  need to bridge the gap in health technology, technology advances should help us develop a better and easily accessible community health Centre for Women and Children.

I want this blog to outlive me. I want this blog to raise and expand a community of  healthy concious African Women and Children. I want this blog to reunite families through healthy living,  to bring healing to our health, to give life, hope and encouragement that will better the health of our children.

Above all, I want this blog to raise a large community of wealthier African women because I believe that as we become healthier, we become wealthier.




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